Our Services

Our experienced team provides remote aerial services for aerial video and photographs.

4K and HD Aerial Filming

AltiVision provides 4K and HD aerial filming with our state-of-the-art UAV drones. We fly broadcast approved cameras which are mounted on a camera gimbal. The gimbal keeps the camera level and stable ensuring solid, super smooth 4K and HD aerial video. We are able to fly from just a few centimetres above the ground to 400ft high. Our experience and creativity means we always use the UAV drone to maximum benefit, producing dramatic, exciting aerial video that would otherwise be impossible.

Aerial Photography

AltiVision’s main UAV drone flies the Canon 5D Mark iii camera, shooting high resolution (22.3MP) aerial photographs. We normally shoot all our aerial photographs in RAW format and optimise the photographs before providing them to our clients.

Filming, Editing and Film Production

AltiVision is run by an experienced cameraman and film maker, therefore we are able to offer ground based filming to supplement aerial filming. We also have a great deal of experience in making films for businesses. We can offer a full video production service including planning, filming, editing, music and graphics. We are now filming with the great 4K Sony FS7 cinema camera, ask for our combined aerial filming and Sony FS7 cameraman filming rates.

Professional Equipment

AltiVision has invested a great deal of time and money in the best quality aerial platforms, camera gimbal systems and cameras. Our UAV drones offer a reliable aerial service and are maintained with all usage being logged as per the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority, (CAA).

AltiVision has full insurance and public liability. Sometimes special permissions may need to be granted by the CAA and AltiVision is quite used to handling the applications process.

Before any shoot, AltiVision will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft.

Being licensed by the CAA it may be necessary to obtain special permissions (such as when shooting in a congested area or other restricted airspace). AltiVision can apply for any additional permissions if required.

  4K Aerial Filming

  Aerial Photography

  CAA Certified

  BNUC-S Qualified Pilots

  Fully Insured, £2 million Public Liability

  Safe, Reliable Approach

  Experienced Cameraman & Photographer

  Stunning, Stable, 4K and HD Video

  High Resolution Aerial Photography

  We can shoot from a few cm to 126m high

  Affordable, Competitive Rates

  Video and Photo Editing/Enhancement

  Full Video Production Service

aerial filming a yacht for baot shed with our DJI S1000 UAV drone

Our Mission

To provide first class aerial video and photography at an affordable price.

aerial filming zip wires for go ape with our DJI S1000 UAV drone

Our Values

We are driven by our creative, perfectionist values to exceed our clients objectives.

photo of DJI S1000 UAV drone

Our Solution

To use the lastest UAV drone technolgy to capture photographs and HD video.

Why choose AltiVision?

Its simple! "We are driven by our creative, perfectionist appoach to exceed our clients objectives,
providing first class aerial video and photography at an affordable price."