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  • Are we licensed & qualified? +

    Yes. AltiVision has “permissions for aerial work” granted by the C.A.A. AltiVision pilots have the BNUC-S Qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Are we insured? +

    Yes. We are fully insured with £2 million public cover.
  • What weather conditions can we fly in? +

    Unfortunately, we cannot fly in the rain! Strong winds can also be a problem, we will only operate in wind speeds up to 20MPH.
  • Can we fly indoors? +

    Yes we can. We can fly in large open spaces and have a small UAV which can fly in smaller spaces.
  • How many people are required to operate the equipment? +

    Our main UAV requires two operators. A qualified UAV pilot to fly the the rig and a secondary camera operator who frames the shots. However we can offer just the pilot for straight forward jobs allowing a lower cost solution.
  • How long can we fly for? +

    Our main UAV can fly for up to around 10-12 minutes, after which we need to land the system to change the power supply. We have several sets of batteries and are able to charge batteries onsite.
  • We will work outside the UK? +

  • What height and distance can we fly? +

    Due to the conditions placed on unmanned aerial systems by the CAA, we are only normally permitted to fly up to 400ft high. We can also fly out to 500m and need to maintain line of sight with the UAV at all times.
  • Do we edit and produce videos? +

    Yes. We have been making films for business for over 20 years.
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